Brenda L. McKnight

A playwright as well as an author, Brenda is also the publisher of "Favored Magazine".

"I have awakened to a new reality. I'm a published author—to God be the Glory! I give you a “Five Star Review”. Your professionalism and creativity took the words from paper and turned them into a marvelous book. I am grateful for the opportunity Christian Living Books gave me. You stepped out on faith with me—a first-time author. You walked me through every process and made sure the book was everything I wanted it to be. You didn't know me at all, however, you saw the hand of God on the work He entrusted me with and gave me a chance to become what He would have me to be. I thank you for being obedient to the Holy Spirit. Looking Beyond What You See is selling, selling, selling and there is a reason for that—God's favor. I believe every book you touch propers because you are being led by God. Your authors are praying with you, touching and agreeing—I hope. I am very grateful for all you do. Not only was I let to a publisher but also to a friend in Christ." -Brenda McKnight