Debera Ruffin (1953-2012)

Debera Ruffin was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, the fifth of seven children.  She attended the University of Washington and Griffith Business College.  She was the mother of one daughter and grandmother of three.  Some of Debera’s fondest memories of childhood were when she and her siblings, and sometimes even some of the many children her mom kept, sat on the floor gathered around her mother’s skirt tail as she read to them bible stories.  When Debera was about six years old she memorized John 3:16 .  As a teenager, she personally experienced this love of God, when she invited Jesus Christ to come into her life.

Debera grew up loving the Lord.  Her passion was working with children, teenagers and young adults.  As a result, she worked many years with her church’s youth department, teaching Sunday school, and organizing youth activities. She was also an instructor for the Young Women’s Christian Counsel, which caters toward development and growth of teenage girls and young adult women. 

Debera realized the importance of children having a strong foundation in the Word of God.  For this reason; Rejoice Evermore was birthed.  She says, “This book is what children need today.  If we don’t guide them in the right direction, there are so many people just waiting to steer them wrong.  Rejoice Evermore was written by the Word of God, I just painted the very simple illustrations.”

"I received a shipment of my children's book, Rejoice Evermore, a few days ago. I must tell you that they are absolutely beautiful! I gave the first copy to my Pastor who was so excited, that he had the book announced in Sunday's bulletin, and the church is already making plans for a book signing and selling the book in the church bookstore. I can't thank you, and Christian Living Books Inc. enough. After hundreds of hours of writing and painting pictures to complete my manuscript, I found it more difficult, being a first time author, to find a publisher. I spent many hours at the library, on the internet, even spoke to other authors who shared horror stories about their publishing woes. One author in particular, told me that it took 10 years to get her first book published. Thank God! I sent my first manuscript to Pneuma Life Publishing, Inc. who directed me to CLB. My experience with CLB has been nothing but “smooth sailing“. I've received a very high quality, professional but personable service through your company, and it only took a few months to have the completed book in my hand. You've done a tremendous job and it has been a great pleasure working with you.” -Debera Ruffin