Another Type of Soldier (eBook)

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After you read this book, ignorance will no longer be an excuse for being unaware of the evil beings which plague your life. This is your roadmap to spiritual freedom. Power to defeat the devil has been given to each believer; it’s up to you to use that miraculous power. Nothing in the universe can stop you when you have the correct information and the right weapons.

Learn to identify and conquer the enemy. Reclaim your rightful freedom. Uncover your divine destiny. Live your life to the fullest, without evil hindrances. If we live according to the Word, God will deliver us from any adverse circumstance. Life will never be the same when you use the spiritual power which has been provided to you.

It’s up to you. You can be the victor or the victim. Which will you choose? You can choose to let evil take control. Or, you can choose to follow our Lord and Savior to reap peace, joy, and all of His great benefits.

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