Arresting the Arrester (eBook)

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Catching the Enemy in His Own Trap!

Everyone has enemies. The enemy can be sickness, sorrow, failure, poverty, death, other people or whatever is warring against you. The enemy tries to put the cuffs on you and rob you of the joyful life God has intended for all His children to live.
The army of spiritual powers that opposes us today is just as dangerous as the Syrian army that surrounded the prophet Elisha. We can quickly feel outnumbered, seeing only the incredible number of foes without considering that there are powers that are willing to fight on our side, if we have the faith to ask.
Our enemy wants us to feel that we are up against insurmountable odds. In reality, the powers of this world are nothing compared to the power we can come to through the Holy Spirit. When we are willing to live in a spirit of faith, we can recognize our enemies for what they are and, with God on our side, put them to death.
After reading Arresting the Arrester, you, too, will be able to beat the enemy at his own game. You are not alone, though. God by your side at all times. Even when you feel like surrendering, He will fight your battles for you–and win.
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