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In life, we long to forget the daunting memories of failure, poor choices, hurt, and regrets. We aspire to do better and be better. Yet, sometimes, as much as we try, we find ourselves trapped in a prison of yesterday’s sorrows, relentlessly taunted by our past, and dwelling on the saddest words “if only.”

The answers lie in this simple, yet, practical and effective devotional that will inspire you to break free and teach you how to stay free. If you desire to let go and move from a life of rejection to acceptance, want your todays to exceed your yesterdays, and journey to a brighter future, this book is for you.

It will motivate you to turn what you thought were impossibilities into possibilities. You will learn how to start the process of healing, take control of your mind, improve your relationships, and develop deeper intimacy with God.

As you apply the truths outlined and complete the exercises, you will tap into the source of power you need to make your today much better than yesterday.

Better than Yesterday Workbook

This companion to Better than Yesterday will help you to answer these questions in a simple, yet, practical, interactive, self-reflective format. Do the work to break free and stay free.

Each Proverb Contains…

  • Thoughts to Ponder
  • The Challenge
  • Key Thoughts
  • Kingdom Words
  • Check Points

This resource may be used by groups or individuals and can easily be adapted to suit the requirements for either. As you progress through this workbook, ponder its truths and complete the exercises, you will develop the tools to defeat the enemy of your past and reach a better tomorrow.

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