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Do you need healing from the heartbreaking consequences of your past? Have intrusive memories, soul ties, and debilitating anger bombarded your thoughts, kept you in bondage and consumed your very soul?

Katherine takes you on a personal journey of her life, love, and losses. This is not a fairy-tale. It is a candid, courageous, real-life story of a woman broken beyond recognition. Childhood abuse and abandonment, drug addiction, prostitution, anger, and emotional distress form this narrative. But it is also dynamic evidence of the power of divine intervention.

Whether you are a sinner or saint suffering from trauma, haunted by your troublesome past, hurt by the people you trusted most, hooked on drugs and alcohol, searching for true love, behind the jailhouse bars or a “fly” girl devastated on the inside, this book can help you. The difficulties you face right now may be linked to your past, but your past doesn’t have to control your present or future.

Broken Beyond Recognition Prayer Journal

Fully experience the power of God with fervent, faithful prayer and journaling. Are you broken beyond recognition? Let God clean up the mess and put the scattered pieces of your life back together.

This is a powerful, stimulating resource designed to set you on the route to healing. It is not a superficial band-aid for your wounds but an authentic, practical guide to living out God’s greatness, being healed, delivered, and completely transformed.

This journal is specially organized to keep you focused, honest, and an active participant in your renewal. Day by day as you pray and put pen to paper, you chart your course to victory. Space is provided for you to set goals, write down actionable steps, check your progress, and outline your challenges.

The combination of prayer, reflective thinking, gratitude, and journaling will fuel your desire for change and help you grow in intimacy with God. As you empty your heart of every weight, troublesome thought, and broken dream, you take a step closer to a better future with God. Be consistent and intentional. Your wholeness will come!

Katherine’s journey expresses the prophetic revelation of coming out of the wilderness. I believe this book is a catalyst for transformation. –John Harke, Passion Ministries

This book reaches into the psychology of men in ways that traditional therapy falls short. It’s a microcosm of the depth of divine grace. –Dr. G.E. Lassiter Sr., Love Unlimited Church

Katherine is one of the most influential leaders, powerful speakers, progressive thinkers and writers in last 20 years. –Bishop John Mark Richardson Sr., New Journey Jurisdiction

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