Faith Over Fear

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Daring to Fight Life's Giants

The Battle for Justice Which Led All the Way to the United States Supreme Court

What battle are you fighting? Are you being crushed under the weight of financial, marital, health, or workplace issues? Are you shedding many tears, facing hostility, or being denied justice? Are you at your wit’s end and about to give up? Take heart.

In Faith Over Fear, Lisa Washington shares her long, painful battle against racial discrimination, workplace hostility, and pay inequities. She tells of her futile search for justice which led all the way to the United States Supreme Court, even as she battled breast cancer. Daring to fight against a powerful system that preaches equality but practices discrimination, Lisa recounts her harrowing journey, how her dream became a nightmare, and how she overcame the wounds inflicted as the wheels of injustice turned.

Hers is a deeply moving story of determination, supernatural confidence, and utmost faith in God that will inspire and encourage you. You will look within—at your true thoughts, feelings, and attitudes. And look out—at the real world.

Read this book and find the strength and courage you need to overcome against the odds. Discover the power to conquer paralyzing fear and feelings of defeat. Learn how to keep going when everyone says stop.

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