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A Divine Path to Wholeness


Ann killed her husband in self-defense. She was molested, raped, beaten, abandoned, neglected, berated, betrayed and abused. Sharing from her own experiences, Ann gives life changing principles, encouragement and wisdom that will empower women with the strength to break free from the past and experience emotional wholeness. In her intimate and insightful style, Ann speaks healing and hope to the hearts of women. Her words resonate freedom to those who feel trapped, bound to the past, and hindered from pursuing the wonderful future that God has for them.

  • Understand the purpose and unique gifts of women
  • Face the future with confidence
  • Recover from trials and setbacks
  • Know your body and what brings you pleasure
  • Go from suffering and disappointments to overcoming
  • Build your self-esteem and confidence
  • Love, forgive and accept yourself and your offenders
  • Manage anger, anxiety, fatigue and personal pressures
  • Live a joyful life beyond any life challenge

The companion Workbook to Healing Her Softly is a simple, yet practical, interactive, self-reflective resource. It can be used by groups or individuals and can easily be adapted to suit the requirements for either. In just a few minutes each day, you can be empowered with biblical truths and inspirational thoughts to boost your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. The stimulating questions let you search your soul gently, honestly explore self, and write down your most intimate feelings. This process is an important step on your journey to wholeness. It gives you a fresh, new perspective on life, and sets you on a path of self-care, self-worth, and a determination to be the woman God created you to be. Each chapter includes:

  • Soul Food
  • Journey to Wholeness Exercises
  • Health Booster Scriptures
  • A Prayer

If you truly desire to heal, take the time to follow the simple steps in this workbook. You can reference it whenever you need to and move at your own pace because each exercise is easy and designed to heal you softly. No matter what your story, how long you have been telling it or having it read to you, it’s not too late. Do the work to flip the pages of your life, start a new chapter, and have a happy ending!

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