Traumas, Transformation and Glory (eBook)

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The inspirational story of one woman’s journey from living a nightmare to chasing her dreams

What do you need to escape your past and run, with open arms, into your future?

E. Vivienne Anderson tells her personal story of how she left the trauma of her childhood and early adulthood behind her by building the courage to embrace God’s love and follow His path for her.

Growing up in Jamaica, Anderson only knew pain and suffering. She was the victim of horrible sexual, physical, and psychological abuse. Her father and grandmother once buried her alive in a coffin to force her to submit to their practices of witchcraft and satanic worship.

Through her nightmare of a childhood, Anderson saw glimmers of hope and a better life through occasional Pentecostal street meetings and through her imaginary friends that became the only ones she could trust with her feelings.

She moved to America in her late teens, but life continued to be full of heartache and danger. Anderson, once again, fell victim to physical and emotional abuse at the hands of the man in her life.

Somehow, through all that suffering, Anderson was able to find hope. Just when she was at her lowest and darkest moment, she rediscovered a light… The Light. Once Anderson accepted the power of God and allowed Him to heal her soul and work through her, she began to find the way out of misery and into His glory.

This story of courage and transformation will show you that with God, truly nothing is impossible. Discover how one woman overcame the worst life has to offer. Anderson’s story will give you the courage to make the changes you need to feel the glory of God in your life, no matter what your past may hold.

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