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We would like to encourage you to pursue the vision God has given you to write. You have successfully taken the first step toward bringing your vision to fruition. There are lots of publishing options and we appreciate you taking the time to consider Christian Living Books (CLB). We are dedicated to producing books that strengthen, encourage, train, and minister to the Body of Christ. Our team has published works by T. D. Jakes, Myles Munroe, Juanita Bynum and Donnie McClurkin, to name a few. CLB has also worked with many first-time authors. We will be available to guide you, step-by-step, through the publishing process to ensure a positive publishing experience. CLB will also deliver an excellent product that will glorify God and make you proud. We have the skill, the experience and the anointing to pull the very best manuscript from you and perfect it.  We would love to join your publishing team and welcome you into the Christian Living Books family.


  1. Download our Publishing Guide
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  3. Submit your manuscript for consideration.
  4. Let us bring your dreams to fruition!
Print on Demand (POD) POD image To minimize your expenses, we can fast track your book with our Print on Demand program. You can have one, ten, or a hundred books printed, without the additional costs and risk of maintaining a large inventory on hand. Because each book is digitally stored in a database, a book published on demand will never go out of print. It will be digitally distributed to over 70,000 retailers and will be available worldwide. You may order books any time you choose and your title will never be out of print. This program is flexible since you choose the services you want. Editing is not included but may be purchased separately. Read more… Traditional Printing OPM image If you are interested in reducing your cost-per-book, we can manage a large, traditional offset print run that will provide you with a substantial inventory and maximize your book sales profit. All publishing services are included. This program is convenient and complete. If you can sell 1,000 copies in a year, it's more cost effective to take this route. Fees are broken up into convenient payments. The upfront cost is higher but the price per book is less. This track includes editing, physical warehousing, distribution and fulfillment in one, convenient package. Read more… E-Book Publishing E-Books E-Books are on the forefront of new digital technology. Data from the Kantar World Panel predicts that eBooks will overtake sales of print books in 2015, with total sales expected to rise to 47 million units. We offer eBook production — with all the appropriate file formats — that will provide worldwide distribution. We can convert your printed book into an eBook as well. Put your book in front of millions of book lovers on the internet by making it available to download to all types of eReaders including Kindles, iPads, smart phones, Android Devices, Windows, and HP's WebOS. Read more…