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"As I sit here pondering the words to reflect my gratitude to you for all that you have done for me, I find myself absent of the appropriate words. The truth is, that when you find yourself in the midst of a genuine child of God (as you are), the anointing of the Lord is so strong on your life until it leaves me in awe of what to say. You were such an inspiration to me, as well as a motivator and an encourager to me about my book, Strategic Prayer Manual. I praise God for the divine connection He orchestrated in bringing you into my life. You are a true blessing to your establishment, and I praise God for your faithfulness and dedication to your work and to your clients. It is my prayer that the Lord will release the blessings of His Anointing upon your life, your family, and your ministry to a minimum of 100-fold, in Jesus name. So, if you are a new author in search of a publisher who demonstrates the love of God, I highly recommend Kimberly Stewart at Christian Living Books. I will rate it 5 stars."

Alfreta Woods

"I highly recommend Christian Living Books to all first time authors and existing authors as well. If you're looking for a publishing company you can trust to bring your book into a reality CLB is it. Their patience and integrity with me on my book Broken Beyond Recognition was amazing and Kimberly Stewart is phenomenal in helping bring dreams into fruition. I’m so pleased with the outcome of my book. Thank you, CLB!"

Katherine Elam Simpson

"Our book would have never been published had it not been the expertise of Kimberly Stewart. My husband and I believe in having mentors and she has been just that to us, encouraging us to stay on task and to finish. Her gentle yet firm advise is what we needed, and her professionalism is unmatched. I can't imagine having gone with any other publisher. It felt good knowing that she was just as excited about our finished book as we were. Christian Living Books, Inc. is the BEST. Kimberly, was and still is a blessing to us as new authors of Faith Family Franchise.

DeAnna Lewis

”Christian Living Books, specifically lead Kimberly Stewart is an absolute Godsend. From the very first day of our business relationship to the day I held my book, My Uncle Says I’m a Star, in my hands, Kimberly has been encouraging, patient, and professional. Simply outstanding service! There is no way I would have made it to this point of fruition without Kimberly’s steady hand and mind all along the way: over every bump, revision, and setback turned setup towards a formidable product. Thank you, CLB, for being on this journey with me — Kimberly, you are exceptional. Warmest regards and immeasurable gratitude.”

Muna Heaven

"Christian Living Books  is a company that does everything with excellence. I had the pleasure of having the second edition of my book, Unmute Your Heart, published with them.  I was so excited and pleased with the work that they did. When I thought it couldn’t get any better, they took it to a whole new level that I could never have imagined! They were professional, thorough, and very much so on point with getting things done in a timely matter. It was the best experience for me coming from another publishing  company. CLB  superseded my expectations and worked with the same intense excitement that I had to get my book done. I highly recommend Christian Living Books publishing company to anyone who wants to not just publish a book, but fulfill your dreams of becoming an author with 5 star quality that you will be quite proud of."

Lady Sharon Wynn

"The height and depth of my excitement could not be verbalized when I received the complimentary copy of your celebratory event in recognition of the CLB Authors induction in the Library of Congress. At the very depth of my spirit and soul there was a cataclysmic eruption of pure joy for this milestone of achievement for you and your authors (including me that whom you guided so astutely into the inner sanctum of literary excellence!”

W. F. Washington, Ph.D.

"I was so nervous in taking this journey to bring what God has birth in me to reality. Christian Living Books, Inc. did an amazing job of making this journey quite the one to treasure and I will never forget this experience. Kimberly Stewart is the greatest. Her excitement made me excited and I am ever grateful for all the knowledge she provided to me. Her patience, comforting personality and sound advice was exactly what I needed to complete my book, my baby, Beautiful Butterfly. Thanks Kim!!"

Aniskha Johnson

“Kimberly Stewart always answered her phone when I called her number. She was always ready to help me in anyway she could. I am in the late stage of life writing stories for my grandchildren so they know how God has always been there for me in difficult times.  I had worked a year on The Life Journey of Mema but had no idea how to get it into a book. A friend of mine told me that her friend had use Christian Living Books for her book. Again, God had put the right person in front of me to show me the way. As soon as I talked to Kimberly, all worries were gone. I am very happy with everything about my book. They did a beautiful job. I am happy to recommend Christian Living Books to anyone wanting to publish a book.”

Prue Kockler

"Gratitude and appreciation to Christian Living Books Inc. who stepped out on faith and choose to work with me as an author. They believed in my first book, Prism of Me, and published it. It was a huge step for me to trust someone with my work. They were so patient and professional in working with me on this project. Special thanks to Ms. Kimberly Stewart and the entire team at CLB. When you made the decision to bring me into the family of authors, I knew the best was yet to come. Thank you for believing in me and my work. Most of all, thank you for advancing the kingdom of God."

Tierra Graves

"Thank you for stretching, motivating, driving, inspiring, encouraging, and making my newest book, You Only Live Once better! CLB truly lives up to its core value and guiding principles and makes one's publishing dream come true!”

Mark Overton

"Christian Living Books and Lady Kimberly have been a tremendous blessing to me. I thoroughly enjoy working with this publisher. Lady Kim's creativity and style is amazing. I would recommend CLB to anyone who desires to publish their book. They made this journey of publishing my book Be BAD - Blessed Anointed and Delivered through Prayer smooth. Words really can't express my appreciation for the encouragement that she provided to me. CLB provides excellent and timely customer service. My prayer for Lady Kim and Christian Living Books is that they be blessed abundantly with God's favor!"

Lady Phyllis Thomas

"Before I can talk about my book Better Than Yesterday, I have to talk about the amazing, creative and diligent publisher, Kimberly Stewart. Her patience, wisdom and kindness helps an author to get through the process. When I became anxious about the book God assigned me to write, she was my calm. Thank you for bringing the dream that I had in my head and my heart to life. The book that I received was just absolutely professional. The work of Christian Living Books is powerful. Thank you so much for your creative mindset and your ability to make a dream come to fruiition, magically.”

Lady Vicki Kemp

"Thank you to Kimberly Stewart and the Christian Living Books, Inc. team for their hard work and dedication in assisting me with my first book, Chosen: A Lady’s Journey from Called, to Crushed, to Crowned. They consistently operated in integrity and efficiency, and displayed kindness and patience from start to finish.”

Lady Nicole Morton

"Legacy of a Common Man was my first attempt at writing a book. As for what to do, I had no idea. But, I knew that help was just phone call away. I called Christian Living Books and they held my hand every step of the way. CLB is a first class publishing company. They assisted with everything from writer’s block, design layout, book cover, editing and a host of other things associated with the finished product. Our biggest concern was cost. Well, they make that easy for you with their assortment of payment plans. If the need ever arises when you have publishing needs, please call CLB. I guarantee you won’t be sorry.”

James ”Jimmy” Garvin

"My co-author and I had the privilege of having our first book, Competing Realities, published by Christian Living Books. The entire process was professional, seamless and fun. From the planning to the execution and follow-through, CLB did a masterful job. Not only was our book published to our expectations, but they exceeded them. I give CLB a 5 out of 5 stars for their masterful job and for making it a great experience.”

Pastor Paul R. Foster

"My childrens' book, Stephanie Starks Meets the Dream Queen, is truly a dream come true. I started writing it in 2011. However, I dropped the ball and didn't pick it up again until 2015. When I told my granddaughters that they were in the story, they insisted that I read it to them. They liked it so much, I knew I had to finish it. But how? Then, when my dear friend, Edith Jones, finished writing her book, she invited me to sing at a workshop that was sponsored by her publisher, Kimberly Stewart of Christian Living Books. That workshop was the icing on the cake for me. Kimberly not only convinced me that I could do this, but she reassured me that I had more than one book inside me. With her heartfelt advice and assistance, I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am so very pleased with the final product. It is absolutely beautiful - everything I hoped for. Thank you, Kimberly Stewart and CLB, for helping to make my dream come true.”

TiaJuana Rountree

"Christian Living Books is more than an excellent publisher. It is a ministry. It is an extension of the work that I do through the local church and the ministry that I have as a traveling minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Although I have been writing for most of my life, my work has been limited to articles or chapters in books that have been authored by others. Through this ministry, though, I am able to extend my ministry to the larger body of Christ and to the world. In my first book, Just James: 12 Keys to Living the Good Life, I have been given the opportunity to share with people everywhere the practical lessons for Christian living that are taken from the New Testament book of James. I am able to resource the body of Christ by making available to believers a tool that has proven useful in personal devotions, small group Bible studies, and programs of Christian discipleship. I praise God for the professional, personal, and providential care that Christian Living Books has provided for my dreams and goals in this great ministry together. In this age of information, technology, and literacy, Christian Living Books is going the distance “to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ“ (Ephesians 4:12). I can only say to Mrs. Kimberly Stewart and the wonderful people at Christian Living Books: Thank you. Job well done! Praise the Lord!”

V. DuWayne Battle, Ph.D.

"If you are seeking high quality and a professional look to your book, Christian Living Books is the company to use! CLB has an enthusiastic team of experts available to support your every step in the publishing process. My first book, Eve, Get in Your Place, made the best seller list. However, carrying the message did not stop there. That book along with fifteen distinguished CLB authors’ books were selected by the U.S. Library of Congress to be part of its permanent collections. Thanks to its commitment to bring the Gospel message in books, CLB turned our manuscripts into masterpieces to be placed on the shelves of the world’s largest library. I am more than pleased with the awesome service provided by CLB. For my three other books and all my future publishing needs, CLB continues to be the place where I want my books to be.”

Gloria Ward, Ph.D.

"I am so pleased with my book, My Time At Bat. Everything about it is first-class—excellent. I have received nothing but glowing remarks and reviews—even in the USA Today. I would like to give my Kim credit for making this book a reality. She pulled the best out of me. CLB also created a fabulous website for me. I really enjoyed the entire experience and truly thank Kim and Christian Living Books.”

Chuck Hinton

"After completing the first draft of A Time to Heal, I thought that getting it published would be a daunting task that would take years. I did many internet searches, and was drawn to Christian Living Books from the very first search. I now know it was the Lord who had drawn me your website, because the service I received was superb. All of my questions and concerns were addressed in a speedy manner and I felt like I was the only author on the planet. The finished product is absolutely breath-taking and I am 100% satisfied. My husband, Pastor, family and friends are so impressed with the work and are eager to get their hands on a copy. I thought it would take a long time to actually hold my book in my hands, but the turnaround time was just a couple of months. The theme “We bring your dreams to fruition” is definitely appropriate because in what seemed like no time at all, my dream became a reality. Thank God for Christian Living Books!!!”

Tiffany C. Edgecombe

"After completing my manuscript, I prayerfully reviewed many publishing companies but none of them resonated with me, however after Tiffany Edgecombe spoke so highly of her experience with CLB and working with Kimberly Stewart, I knew in my spirit that CLB was the path for me. As a new author walking in uncharted territory I found working with Kim a valuable learning experience and really appreciated her willingness to help, guide and advise each step of the way. I am very happy with the finished product, my book, Unwalled Poetry – A Different Devotional Experience, and I am very happy with my choice of CLB. Thanks, Kim and CLB for helping to bring my dream to fruition… to God be the glory!”

Kim L. Sweeting

"I would recommend Christian Living Books to any author, especially first time authors. I published my first book with them and they were patient, very thorough, and helpful with any questions I had. They made my first experience very pleasant and easy to follow. I am very pleased with their service and the outcome of my first book, Mandated to Live Holy! I highly recommend this publishing company.”

Juanita Stallings

"We truly thank God for Kimberly Stewart and the Christian Living Books family. They are anointed, professional, friendly, knowledgeable, flexible, caring, considerate and consistent. They offered us excellent service! The Holy Spirit led me to their website and the first thing that impacted me was the anointing of God that flowed through the web page. After feeling the peace and presence of God, there was NO doubt, I knew my prayers had been answered. God, Himself, had chosen CLB as our publisher for such a time as this. Kimberly is one of kind. She is God sent, Spirit led and gifted! We are so grateful to God for connecting us to such an amazing group of people, people that truly care and have a heart for God, and a heart to help others bring their dreams to fruition! Our book, A Solid Foundation, is simply amazing! 'Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever.' Ephesians 3:20-21. Amen. Thank you Mrs. Stewart and Christian Living Books."

Rev. Blake and Melecia Scott

"I truly bless God for Ms. Kimberly Stewart for aiding me in allowing a major dream to become a reality. Her level of service, knowledge, and expertise were simply outstanding throughout the entire publishing process. As a result, I would certainly recommend Christian Living Books to any new author serious about putting forth a written work with true excellence. Because of your services, I have been successful with getting the message in my new book Free to Live Again: Keys to Fulfilling your Life's Purpose out to readers around the world. I continue to receive great feedback on the excellence and the high level of quality with which the cover and book are designed. May God continue to richly bless you as you continue to bless others in order to advance His Kingdom!”

Casandra Johnson

"It is a special, noteworthy accomplishment when someone helps you bring your dream into reality. It takes a special individual to cause what is only seen in the imaginative realm of your mind to be visually unveiled on paper. Kimberly, in many ways, brought Competing Realities into being. Your wisdom and willingness to assist, and the spirit in which you guided us, was of grace and competent excellence within your profession. Christian Living Books was a tremendous blessing and wonderful experience!”

Evangelist Nathaniel D. Frye

"Thank God for Christian Living Books! As first time authors, it is really difficult to find all the information you will need to complete your project and someone that is willing to “take a chance“ on you. That's where the blessing comes in. The staff at Christian Living Books gives you the benefit of their experience and know how and walks you through the process step by step. And at no time do you feel like you are no longer in control. From the beginning, you always know what to expect and when it is expected. There were no surprises! Our book, The Elisha Principle, was completed ahead of schedule and the results are amazing. EXCELLENCE at it's best! We look forward to working with CLB again very soon!”

Pastors Barry & Greta Abney

"I have awakened to a new reality. I'm a published author—to God be the Glory! I give you a “Five Star Review”. Your professionalism and creativity took the words from paper and turned them into a marvelous book. I am grateful for the opportunity Christian Living Books gave me. You stepped out on faith with me—a first-time author. You walked me through every process and made sure the book was everything I wanted it to be. You didn't know me at all, however, you saw the hand of God on the work He entrusted me with and gave me a chance to become what He would have me to be. I thank you for being obedient to the Holy Spirit. Looking Beyond What You See is selling, selling, selling and there is a reason for that—God's favor. I believe every book you touch propers because you are being led by God. Your authors are praying with you, touching and agreeing—I hope. I am very grateful for all you do. Not only was I led to a publisher but also to a friend in Christ.”

Brenda McKnight

"When I first began to write Then and Now, I didn't know a thing about getting it published. Then, a friend told me about CLB. When I called them, I got a call right back from Kimberly. I had all kinds of questions and Kimberly directed me to the web site which explained everything. I have never worked with anyone like Kimberly and CLB before. They treated me as if they'd known me for years. They spent time with me and answered all of my questions. CLB completed the job on time. Now, I have my books and they look fantastic. CLB, you are the greatest; you really outdid yourself. I thank God for working with you. May God forever bless you and give you all that you desire. May your publishing business go as high as it can go. Kimberly, I thank God for you. Keep the sweet spirit that you have. I look forward to working with you again. Keep up the good work. Kimberly and CLB, I love you.”

Minister Bonnie Baker

"My book, My Journey to "Yes" is beautiful. You have really out done yourself and created a quality product. You managed to deliver a professional book that is on the cutting edge--with excellence! Thank you for all your untiring work on this great masterpiece (my first experience as an author). It was a great undertaking. And, you walked me though it as if I were an old pro!!! Thank you Sister Kimberly. GREAT JOB. I am loving it!!!”

Pastor Hattie White-Hopkins

"I was watching TV one night when God told me to write Power Principles. I did not know anything about being an author. That’s when I was introduced to Kimberly Stewart. She and the CLB staff were awesome in helping me, step-by-step. I felt like Abraham when God told him to sacrifice his son. Abraham said, “My son and I will be back.” When Abraham got ready to kill his son, God said, “There is a ram in the bush. Take the ram and kill him.” A ram in the bush is a miracle. Kim was my ram in that bush. When I did not know what to do, she took the worrying away from me. That is why she is so great in the eyes of God. God has anointed her to do His will and to publish these books. May the favor of God be upon her life and that of her family.”

Elder Nathaniel Richardson

"I thank Jesus and pray for Christian Living Books each day. When we received our shipment of Love that Would Not Let Me Go, it was truly joy unspeakable. The book was more beautiful than I could ever have imagined. Everything was done in excellence. After more than five years of writing and weeping to birth God's story, the finished product was wonderful. I would recommend to every writer to seek Christian Living Books and Kimberly, specifically, to be their publisher. Every transaction was made with the highest level of professionalism. We are currently on a book tour throughout the country and the book is selling like hot cakes. God is so good and more than enough. I am eternally grateful to Kimberly and all of her tireless labor for Jesus Christ. I love you and thank you.”

Jackie Calloway

"Working with Christian Living Books was a dream come true. I received rave reviews on how my books My Journey to Freedom and Truth turned out. The effort they put in getting my book published was a real blessing. I look forward to having my next book publish by Christian Living Books. God bless you Kimberly and CLB.

Joanne Carter

"I want to thank the staff at Christian Living Books for taking the time to accept a journeyman’s attempt at a manuscript and turn it into a professional final product, Now You Know. Years ago, I drafted a story that I wanted tell but I didn’t know how to put it in final form. From day one, I knew that I was in good hands. The staff was able to take their experiences in the market and vigilantly guide me through the process. My expectations were exceeded and I only hope that one day I will be able to return the favor.”

Fred L. Valentine, Jr.

"I received a shipment of my children's book, Rejoice Evermore, a few days ago. I must tell you that they are absolutely beautiful! I gave the first copy to my Pastor who was so excited, that he had the book announced in Sunday's bulletin, and the church is already making plans for a book signing and selling the book in the church bookstore. I can't thank you, and Christian Living Books Inc. enough. After hundreds of hours of writing and painting pictures to complete my manuscript, I found it more difficult, being a first time author, to find a publisher. I spent many hours at the library, on the internet, even spoke to other authors who shared horror stories about their publishing woes. One author in particular, told me that it took 10 years to get her first book published. Thank God! I sent my first manuscript to Pneuma Life Publishing, Inc. who directed me to CLB. My experience with CLB has been nothing but “smooth sailing“. I've received a very high quality, professional but personable service through your company, and it only took a few months to have the completed book in my hand. You've done a tremendous job and it has been a great pleasure working with you.”

Debera Ruffin

"Thank you for helping me to make my vision a reality. I can not express to you the overwhelming joy when I realized the vision of 91:1 that God gave me had manifested. Your personal touch, professionalism, attention to detail and spirit of excellence made this an enriching experience.”

Dr. Rosetta H. Clay

"I am delighted to have worked with Kimberly at Christian Living Books to bring my dream of becoming the published author of Traumas, Transformation, and Glory. Continued success to CLB in creating a culture where dreams do come through. Blessings!"

E. Vivienne Anderson, MS, CASAC

"So excited to receive the books and share this incredible project with family, friends and neighbors. The front and back covers and the high quality paper for the pages exceeded by expectation. Christian Living Books, Inc. has helped me at every step; the encouragement and information being so needed for the first time going through the process to get my work published."

Wanda Yohn

"Working with Christian Living Books was a pleasure. They are able to guide a new author through the process in a fast and efficient manner. I am so pleased with my book, A Woman's Guide to Setting Boundaries.This is an organization that is on the move.”

Deidre Ann Tyler, Ph.D.

"I truly thank God for directing me to you and Christian Living Books. You helped me to bring When Faith Becomes Glory, to fruition. The cover so beautifully reflects the title. All the feedback I have received concerning my book has been positive. CLB editing suggestions were on target. You handled my many questions with a great deal of courtesy and professionalism. Once the process was started, everything moved so quickly it was truly amazing. Thank you for your diligence it helping me to get this testimony of God's faithfulness out to His people. God still opens prison doors!”

Evangelist Cheryl L. Black

"I thank the Lord for Kimberly Stewart in enabling me to do what God called me to. I love people who can work with the spirit of excellence at a fast pace. The key for me was the pace of getting the job done in an excellent manner. I am always on the move and I have not always found publishers who would work at my pace. Christian Living Book is one of them. The end product is professional, classy and one that you would be proud of. The quality of the product is also great to build and spread your brand. I have no hesitation recommending CLB for your next project. May God richly bless and advance CLB and Kimberly as they help us to advance the Kingdom, the Word and the ministry.”

Pastor Glenn Arekion

"I would like to thank you and the team for producing a book to a very high standard. Once I contacted you, my dream was already complete as you were the team who was going to publish my book; there was no going back. I would advise anyone who contacts you in the future to be serious about their vision because Christian Living Books will get the job done. During the process, Kimberly united in faith with me and together we proved that 'He who began a good work in me will be faithful to complete it'. I constantly referred to the publishing of this book as a spiritual pregnancy and when it was completed, I said 'my baby has arrived'. A member of the church shared a dream she was given about me; knowing nothing of this project. In the dream, she said, I had given birth to two babies, one slightly older than the other. It was then when I mentioned my book and the dialogue I shared with Kimberly about my spiritual baby'. I guess this means I've got another book inside me which will breakthrough pretty soon. So Christian Living Books watch this space! Thank you.”

Julie Blake

"I am so thankful for Christian Living Books! I didn't think I would ever get my book published. CLB letting me make payments helped me out so much. Not only that, CLB is so professional, so quick and the final product met and exceeded all my expectations. Thanks again, Kimberly!!"

Courtney Mayfield

"It was an absolutely wonderful experience working with Christian Living Books. Kimberly Stewart was a delight to work with through the publishing process. She and her staff were dedicated to making my book look perfect! I am so pleased with the results and their support and assistance through this process. Thanks again!”

Nina Rios-Doria, Ph.D.

"The purpose of You Bit My Brother But You Won't Bite Me is to empower the reader with knowledge and a new approach to becoming victorious in endeavors to conqueror the old Adamic nature. A special thanks to Mrs. Kimberly Stewart and Christian Living Books for helping me birth a dream that seemed so far fetched and difficult to happen. Your knowledge and professionalism made it a pleasant, and easy way to bring a dream to reality.Thanks.”

Rev. Dr. Bea Lovely

"Writing was something I always wanted to do and now it is a reality. I thank God that He enabled me to write that which He had placed in my heart. As a first time writer, I wondered what publisher would take a chance on me. I want to thank Christian Living Books for making it all possible for me to hold the finished project, The Covenant God Made, I had dreamed of for so long. You stood up to your word: Top of the Line Production. Awesome work!”

Doris Sutton

"Having the book in our hands gave us such an humble feeling of thankfulness and gratitude to God for allowing us to complete She's Vocal/He's Instrumental. It is such a beautiful professional package which can be displayed everywhere books are sold. The cover says it all. Thanks to the publisher for a job well done.” Blessings!

Archie K. & Simonia E. Milton

"I give thanks, first, to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for allowing me to write Bible-based prayers. I also give thanks to Christian Living Books. The book that the Lord has blessed me to have published, From the Holy Spirit, is beautiful and I love it. Christian Living Books, you did a marvelous job. You did all that you said would be done. Kimberly, I thank you for all the help you gave me when I did not have the understanding to have a book published. Thank you for being patient and for walking me through this experience as a first-time author. I look forward to working with you and Christian Living Books soon on my next book. Thank you. May God bless and keep you.”

Diane Young