Julie Blake is a pastoral practicioner in a large secondary school in England, United Kingdom. She comes across children and their families from all walks of life. These young people face a variety of challenges including low self-esteem, abuse, crime, single parenthood, underachievement, and low aspirations.

With high expectations, sound advice and a listening ear, Julie shares her experiences, raising the aspirations and achievements of all who come in contact with her loving spirit. Julie was raised in a God-fearing home with seven siblings. When Julie went away to college, she sought security in a long-term relationship.

Now a single mother, mentor and friend, Julie’s childhood passion for language and words has provided the opportunity for her to use this gift to bring others to taste Jesus Christ through poetry.


“I would like to thank you and the team for producing a book to a very high standard. Once I contacted you, my dream was already complete as you were the team who was going to publish my book; there was no going back. I would advise anyone who contacts you in the future to be serious about their vision because Christian Living Books will get the job done. During the process, Kimberly united in faith with me and together we proved that ‘He who began a good work in me will be faithful to complete it’. I constantly referred to the publishing of this book as a spiritual pregnancy and when it was completed, I said ‘my baby has arrived’. A member of the church shared a dream she was given about me; knowing nothing of this project. In the dream, she said, I had given birth to two babies, one slightly older than the other. It was then when I mentioned my book and the dialogue I shared with Kimberly about my spiritual baby’. I guess this means I’ve got another book inside me which will breakthrough pretty soon. So Christian Living Books watch this space! Thank you.” -Julie Blake