About Our President

Kimberly StewartKimberly Stewart, President of Christian Living Books, also serves as Vice President of Pneuma Life Publishing. Kimberly is a graduate of Oral Roberts University with a B.S. degree in Management. She also earned a Master's Degree in Publishing from George Washington University. Out of college, she worked as a congressional intern. Impressed with her intelligence, dedication and attention to detail, she was hired as a full-time staff member of the United States House of Representatives by The Honorable Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-Washington, DC).

Kimberly's area of expertise in Congress was government procurement (contracts) and federal grants. She was instrumental in developing the Congresswoman's Federal Procurement Conference, which continues to this day. Kimberly's diligence, research, and foresight provided an unprecedented opportunity for the small businesses present at the conference.

Contracts were actually awarded—on the spot—at the conference. Any business owner who has participated in government procurement conferences will verify that as an unusual occurrence—at least at that time. Thereafter, many of the procurement officers began to institute live awards at their own procurement conferences. Kimberly can be thanked for a revolutionary turnaround for small business procurement.Kimberly was also responsible for producing The Grants News, a listing of contracts available in various categories such as Youth, Crime, Seniors, Community Development, and Education. The Grants News became an invaluable resource to local leaders, non-profit associations, community activists, and institutions throughout Washington D.C.

Kimberly is married to the dynamic founder of Pneuma Life Publishing, Derwin Stewart and has been a pivotal force at Pneuma Life since it's inception in 1990. Pneuma Life has grown to be one of the largest, African American, Christian publishing firms in the nation. She continues to play a critical role at both Christian Living Books and Pneuma Life Publishing. Kimberly can also count on the inspiration, expertise, direction and full support of Derwin. They are quite a team!