TRADITIONAL Printing program

The following concerns our traditional publishing program. For Print on Demand (POD), click here. For information about the publishing process, click here.

Christian Living Books provides all the services you need to produce your book from ISBN assignment to professional printing. The Traditional Publishing Program does not have separate fees for each facet of book production. The majority of authors we work with require most, if not all, of the typical services we provide to deliver a top-notch, professionally finished book. We transform your manuscript into a beautiful product, hassle free. You leave the work to us and we bring your dreams to fruition. We are helpful, knowledgeable, and quick.

Below is a chart that presents the costs for producing the typical perfect-bound, paperback book. Hardcover binding will cost at least $2.90 more per copy. Pictures, artwork, illustrations, and the like will have additional fees. These prices cover the following, normal specifications:

5 ½" x 8 ½" Trim size; Professional, 4-color original cover design with a protective high-gloss finish; ISBN Assignment and barcode, Copy editing; Page design and typesetting;drafts for customer approval; Printing; Copyright; Distribution and Fulfillment.

To read the chart, determine the number of pages your finished, printed book will be. One double-spaced page of the manuscript — formatted the way we suggest — usually makes about 1½ typeset pages of the book.

Our minimum press run is 1,000 copies.

Our POD Program does not have a minimum press run. For more information about POD, click here.

  1,000 copies 2,500 copies 5,000 copies 10,000 copies
64 pages $6,900 $8,250 $9,850 $12,200
96 pages $7,380 $8,850 $11,250 $13,600
128 pages $7,860 $9,450 $12,650 $15,000
160 pages $8,340 $10,050 $14,050 $16,200
192 pages $8,820 $10,650 $15,450 $17,400
224 pages $9,320 $11,275 $16,850 $18,600