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Why is My Path so Difficult? All of us have asked ourselves that same question from time to time. Believers sometimes begin to doubt their faith because their life is filled with so many obstacles. They want to know why God lets them struggle. Skeptics often see obstacles as confirmation that God doesn’t exist, or if He does, He doesn’t care about them. If you have ever felt this way, this inspirational book is for you.

Overcoming Obstacles shows that life is a race filled with struggles and obstacles. These things are not here to punish us, but to teach us. Once we learn that we cannot make it on our own, we allow God to guide us. It is only through His power that we are able to overcome any obstacle.

If you or someone you love is on the verge of a spiritual heart attack, or if you need an injection of faith to keep going, this is the book for you! It will help you to make sense of the challenges in life and show how each of us can get back into the spiritual shape we need to finish the path the Lord has set for us.

The sooner you get this inspirational book, the sooner you will be ready to face down any obstacle with God’s overcoming power. Don’t Wait Another Minute. Get Your Copy of Overcoming Obstacles Right Now.

Six-Session Study Guide

All of us seek to discover how to successfully run the race we have been assigned and master the hand we have been dealt. Believers sometimes begin to doubt their faith because their life is filled with so many hurdles. The truth is life isn’t easy for anybody. Challenges often appear overwhelming and insurmountable. Even if you are secure in your own faith, it can be difficult to help others who are struggling.

This excellent small group experience is a six session road map to victory. Also a great resource for individual study, this guide will give you key strategies to overcome and to keep fighting until you reach your finish line.

Each session includes…

  • Key Verse
  • Food for Thought
  • Video Lesson
  • Discussion Questions
  • Anchor Verse
  • Going Deeper
  • Weekly Devotional

Start a group, today, using this easy to facilitate format. Allow God to empower you through the pages of this guide as well as the meaningful discussions that will occur in your small group sessions. The sooner you get this guide the sooner you will have the tools you need to successfully lead a group and give them the strength to leave their past hurts behind and embrace the gratifying future that comes from persevering.

Also available: Overcoming Obstacles Small Group Six Video Set

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