We would like to encourage you to pursue the vision God has given you to write. You have successfully taken the first step toward bringing your vision to fruition. There are lots of publishing options and we appreciate you taking the time to consider Christian Living Books (CLB). We are dedicated to producing books that strengthen, encourage, train, and minister to the Body of Christ. Our team has published works by T. D. Jakes, Myles Munroe, Juanita Bynum and Donnie McClurkin, to name a few. CLB has also worked with many first-time authors. We will be available to guide you, step-by-step, through the publishing process to ensure a positive publishing experience. CLB will also deliver an excellent product that will glorify God and make you proud. We have the skill, the experience and the anointing to pull the very best manuscript from you and perfect it.

Customize your publishing program to include only the services you need. In this way, we can tailor our packages to fit any budget. Review the Publishing Process for more information.

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Programs and Pricing

Standard  Upgraded Premium
Price $1,799 $2,299 $2,999
Non-Exclusive Agreement Included Included Included
Author Consultation Included Included Included
Selection on Trim Size Included Included Included
International Authors $199 Included Included Included
Custom Book Cover Included Included Included
Custom Page Design/Typesetting Included Included Included
Distribution to 70,000 Retailers Included Included Included
Listing in Books In Print Included Included Included
Google Book Preview Included Included Included
ISBN Assignment Included Included Included Bookstore Included Included Included
Barnes & Noble/ Bookstore Included Included Included
Expresso Book Machine Included Included Included
Free Books 10 15 20
Author Purchase Discount Up to 70% Up to 70% Up to 70%
Royalties 50% 60% 70%
Annual Digital File Storage $39 $29 $19
Back Cover Description/Marketing Copy $99 Included Included
E-Book version of your book $249 Included Included
Library of Congress CIP $129 Included Included
Copyright Registration $199 10% Discount Included
Bookstore Promotion $199 10% Discount Included
Bookstore Returns Allowed $299 10% Discount Included
Rush Service (<45 days) $299 10% Discount 50% Discount
Hardcover Edition $499 10% Discount 50% Discount
Hardcover Dust Jacket $299 10% Discount 50% Discount
Full Color Inside Edition $699 10% Discount 50% Discount
Custom Print Ad $199 10% Discount 50% Discount
Targeted eBlast $299 10% Discount 50% Discount
Press Release $399 10% Discount 50% Discount
250 Custom Book Marks $129 10% Discount 50% Discount
250 Business Cards $99 10% Discount 50% Discount
500 Post Cards $149 10% Discount 50% Discount
250 8.5″ x 11″ Flyers $149 10% Discount 50% Discount
50 Tri-fold Brochures $149 10% Discount 50% Discount
25 18″ x 24″ Posters $149 10% Discount 50% Discount
25 Printed 8-page Booklets $199 10% Discount 50% Discount
Custom 6.5′ Retractable Banner $399 10% Discount 50% Discount
Book Club Reader’s Guide $499 10% Discount 50% Discount
Media Kit $399 10% Discount 50% Discount
Book Trailer $599 10% Discount 50% Discount
Video Commercial $699 10% Discount 50% Discount
Internet TV Channel $799 10% Discount 50% Discount
Author Website $2,999 10% Discount 50% Discount
6-week Publicity Campaign $3,999 10% Discount 50% Discount
Social Media Publicist $799/mo 10% Discount 50% Discount
Book Review Campaign $1,999 10% Discount 50% Discount


Whenever you place an order for your book, we will give you wholesale discounts off the retail price of your book according to the following discount schedule*:

Paperback book discounts

1 to 99 books 35%
100 to 199 books 40%
200 to 499 books 45%
500 to 750 books 50%
751 to 1000 books 55%
1,001 to 1,500 books 60%
1,501 + books 70%

Hardcover book discounts

1 to 50 books 35%
51 to 100 books 40%
101 to 200 books 45%
201+ 50%

*Author Discounts effective December 1, 2018 and are subject to change. Pricing for books that are full color inside is based on cost not retail price. 


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