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Reflections of an Associate Minister

An Essential Resource for Associate Pastors and Ministers at all Levels

In an egotistical world, we are deemed successful only when we are number one. This idea is so embedded in our psyches we spend our entire lives trying to reach the top - sometimes at all costs. But is full accomplishment only experienced when you are at the top? Can you succeed in ministry without occupying the chief seat of leadership and power?

In this theological and personal reflection, the author gives voice to many unspoken experiences and ambitions of associate ministers who faithfully serve their more prominent and popular leaders - unnoticed. Having served successfully in the shadow of one of the most outstanding pastors and congressmen in the USA, the author writes from a wealth of knowledge and experience. Drawing from his personal and vocational journey, he boldly redefines success in ministry and demonstrates that fulfillment and success are possible, even in a subsidiary capacity.

This insightful book will engage, empower, and encourage you to:

  • Optimize your skills and gifts right where you are
  • Relinquish the idea that to be or feel successful you must hold the top spot
  • Have meaningful reflection on your own experiences
  • Better appreciate your role as an associate minister/lay leader
  • Achieve excellence in your service to God and His people
  • Apply the principles therein to find success in your vocation at any level
  • Avoid frustration, impatience, and apathy in your ministry
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