The Corner of Rainbow

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Suwaigo is a ten-year-old boy who lives in a small village in Africa. He and his two younger brothers are left all alone to care for their dying mother when their father mysteriously disappears while hunting for rumored treasure. Through Suwaigo’s journey, discover how valuable you are to God, and the power God gave each one of us to push through any life challenging experience. Diamonds in the sun always make rainbows...

“Joneé Brown has written a compelling story that both children and adults will enjoy. She has shared deeply and lives wonderfully at her corner of the rainbow. The brilliance of a diamond is seen better against a midnight sky but in the sun, diamonds always makes rainbows. Enjoy!” –Vashti Murphy McKenzie, Author, The Big Deal of Taking Small Steps to Draw Closer to God

“Brown’s allegorical tale takes the reader on a thrilling journey that is entertaining and inspiring.” –Timothy C. Hibberd, Librarian, Media Specialist, and SSL Coordinator at Blair Ewing Center

“An alluring story that will captivate readers to learn more about Suwaigo and his transformational journey.”
–Kennedy Carrington, Educator, Montgomery County Public School System

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