The Mountain of the LORD

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8 Gates of Society

What is God doing throughout the earth? The current global and cosmic events have put His plan and His given timelines into a proper perspective. This timely and insightful book is intended to eliminate confusion. With accurate revelation knowledge and proper understanding, Dr. Abu clarifies important topics relevant to this pivotal season:

  • The global pandemic or plandemic?
  • Angelic activity and collaboration
  • His end-time agenda for Africa and the Middle East
  • An imminent agricultural revolution
  • A season of recovery, restoration, and realignment

The LORD Almighty is shaking ALL nations and taking back His earth. All who are His are in for glorious times like none ever seen before. His original plan will stand!

Abu Bako is the founding president of Logos-Rhema Foundation for Leadership Resource Development and president of COSTrAD, an education, and training hub. He is also a Senior Fellow and member of the Advisory Board of the Geneva Institute for Leadership & Public Policy. An economist by profession, Dr. Abu has specialized in training and equipping leaders in the 8 Gates of Society©️ for 50 years in more than 120 nations. He has authored several books including 7 Fundamental Questions Everyone Must Answer and The Ultimate Politician.

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