Brenda Daniel is an inspirational writer, motivational speaker, and ordained minister. She is founder of Global WIIND, a para-church organization that offers consulting services, personal development coaching, and leadership / mobilization training. These services are offered to churches, interest groups, individuals and private companies. As a Kingdom Ambassador, Brenda has trained and organized teams for short- and long-term missions work to 24 countries. Often referred to as “coach,” the essence of her calling is to train and teach, with the sole intent to help people reach their full potential and purpose for life. This passion is a constant expression in her messages and writing style.

In her own personal experience with loss and recovery, she has faced three major life altering crisis all occurring just months a part; divorce from a 26 year marriage, terminal illness, and loss of employment … she knows well the struggles and temptations of loss. “It all was way beyond my own capacity. I had to learn to marry the spiritual to the practical in order to gain my life back!”