Edith Jones has always led a life of faith. She has made major life contributions to society and individuals, and has maintained lifelong contacts as a result of her leadership in the Christian organization, Young Life Campaign. As Outreach Manager for World Vision, an international, non-profit, relief and development organization, Edith has contributed to a number of Christian ministries, churches and non-profit organizations in the Washington, D.C. community. Over seven years, she provided partner organizations with new products and financial resources, which increased and supported neighborhood effectiveness. She continued her success with World Vision’s outreach after overcoming a brain tumor in 1991 through her faith in God and a strong family support structure.

Retired, today, Edith fulfilled a lifelong goal by earning a B.S. degree in Sociology in 2011. Edith is continuing toward her Masters degree in Human Resources Development while she continues to share her faith with friends, family and strangers, alike.


“For years, many people suggested I write my story, Brain Storm. Finally, after many attempts, I decided to pull my notes together and make another stab at it! With the guiding hand of Kim Stewart, it finally came together with “excellence”. Kim Stewart never let go of my hand in the process! Based on her availability, I felt as if I were her only client. Her emotional connection to this very personal quest was endearing. Her attentiveness on the details of writing was outstanding. She could feel the emotion that went on each page as if it was her own! Kim was never rushed and always excited about each chapter delivering its points to the reader as I hoped for. She captured my spirit and helped me perfect what was so difficult to transfer to paper. The finish product was a master piece to me! I cried when I had to proofread the final document. Her guiding hand was what I needed to complete this long awaited project. Christian Living Books is the way to go! I will refer everyone who wants “excellence” to use this wonderful Christian company that will serve them well!” -Edith Jones