Karren Alexander has been a teacher, as well as, a conference and keynote speaker for corporations, organizations, and Christian audiences across the United States. Her goal is to encourage people to believe in their hearts that all things are possible. However, she believes that the heart can only be changed and sustained when the verbal speech pattern agrees. The change in verbal speech pattern begins by eliminating disempowering words such as ‘”can’t”.

Karren is the founder of PAMD International, LLC. PAMD is an acronym describing her foundational principles and life sustaining belief which is to be positive with an attitude of motivation and determination.

Karren was born and raised in Alexandria, Louisiana. She has a dual undergraduate degree in Accounting and Management and a Master of Science Degree in Accounting. Karren started her federal career 25 years ago and has worked in various budget and finance positions in the states of Louisiana, Arkansas, North Carolina, and the District of Columbia.

Karren and her husband Michael reside in Bowie, Maryland.