Nathaniel D. Frye is the founder of Oracles of Life Ministries and i-Nation Outreach. He has traveled globally as an international evangelist proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. He has witnessed hundreds of healings which have taken place on the streets and in his conferences. He is gifted and anointed, delivering a powerful message of the Kingdom of God; teaching Christians concerning their identity in Christ. Nathaniel has been married for 17 years to his wife Rita Frye and they have two children. The Fryes presently reside in Charlotte, North Carolina.


“It is a special, noteworthy act of accomplishment when someone helps you bring your dream into reality. It takes a special individual to cause what is only seen in the imaginative realm of your mind, to be visually unveiled on paper. Kimberly, in many ways, brought Competing Realities into being. Your wisdom and willingness to assist, and the spirit in which you guided us, was of grace and competent excellence within your profession. Christian Living Books was a tremendous blessing and wonderful experience!” -Nathaniel D. Frye