The Reverend Paul Leacock is a multifaceted minister: he is a Pastor, a Counselor and a Lecturer.  However, his greatest passion is discipling others for Christ.  His passion for Christian Discipleship was developed at the Greater Allen (AME) Cathedral of New York where he designed and managed the Discipleship Ministry for the 15,000-member body as the Discipleship Minister for over 10 years.

In addition, the Allen Prison Ministry and the Young Men Rites of Passage mentoring program were all part of his portfolio spanning some 20 years of changing lives at Riker’s Island, Woodbourne Correctional Facility, Danbury FCI and the community at large.

Rev. Leacock currently serves as Pastor of the First Baptist Church (Barbados) and his Discipleship Journey radio program is heard Monday – Friday on LIFE 97.5 FM.

Among his varied experiences, Pastor Leacock has also served as a short-term missionary to Taiwan as well as to Haiti following the devastating earthquake of 2010.  He has also served as a Lecturer at York College, City University of New York (Speech) and at the Barbados Community College (Ethics, and Citizenship).

Rev. Leacock holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resource Management from York College (NY) and a Master of Divinity from Bethel University.

Married to his childhood sweetheart, Lorraine for 36 years, they have three daughters and two grandsons.