Print-on-demand (POD) technology has revolutionized book publishing by making it faster and less expensive to publish a new book or republish out of print books. You can have one, ten, or a hundred books printed, without the additional costs and risk of maintaining a large inventory on hand. Because each book is digitally stored in a database, a book published on demand will never go out of print.

  • Available for Paperback, Hardback and Color Books
  • Paperbacks print in 3 – 5 days, rush shipments print in 2 days
  • Orders ship directly to you or to your convention venue
  • Your title will never go “out of print”
  • Order as many or as few as you need
  • Your book will always show as “available”

When direct customers or bookstores place an order for your book, it is automatically printed via POD in a small run or even a single copy. Your book is packaged and mailed directly to the buyer. By combining POD technology with traditional publishing services, we can make sure that anyone who wants to order your book has an opportunity, including Barnes & Noble, Expresso Book Machine, and Using the distribution strength of Ingram Book Company, your book always appears in stock and available to all Ingram customers. With over 70,000 Wholesalers, Booksellers, Internet Retailers, Chains, Library Suppliers, and Book Clubs in over 100 countries your title will gain the maximum exposure in the market today. With print to order, your book is printed and ready for shipment in 12 hours or less.

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