Husband 101 (eBook)


Husband 101 (eBook) 9781562292331

Everything Your Wife Wished You Already Knew

Husband 101 is a step-by-step mini-course in how to begin an engaging new love affair with your wife. When you apply these simple ideas, your wife will connect with you at a much higher level. By taking every action in this book, you will automatically build a bridge to your wife's heart. She will begin to understand you dynamically because you will learn to speak the language of her heart-maybe for the first time. She will instantly begin to respond to you in exciting and meaningful new ways.

Husband 101 will give your marriage the "booster shot" you've been looking for. This book will show you how to recapture the flame of your wife's passion for you again and again. Husband 101 is a step-by-step mini-course on how to begin an engaging new love affair with your wife.

In Husband 101:

  • Discover the things that your wife may not openly tell you, but would love for you to do
  • Take positive actions that will rejuvenate and revitalize your marriage
  • Master your marriage by knowing how to unlock the precious treasures and hidden love your wife has been longing to share with you
  • Capture the spark of burning passion in your relationship all over again...and discover ways to keep it fresh

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