Beautiful Butterfly

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Healing from Molestation and Depression

Suffering in silence, many are left traumatized by child abuse and the “little secrets” they vowed not to tell. These wounded souls in our homes, schools, neighborhoods, and workplaces force smiles and laughter to mask the pain and hide the silent tears they shed every day.
Are you one of them? Have you been robbed of your innocence? Has your passion for life turned to apathy? Do you feel lost, misunderstood, and alone? Do you long for healing and a way of escape?
Aniskha openly talks about her life-long struggle with depression, sex, intimacy, marriage, and suicidal thoughts as a result of childhood abuse. She tells it all in hopes of lifting the abused from the abyss of despair and hopelessness. This book is the voice of the betrayed and bullied. It speaks candidly about the deep issues abused children face – which we hide or don’t want to talk about because of shame and guilt – and the severe consequences of not dealing with them.
If the bitter effects of abuse are front and center in your present and disruptive to your future, you can find healing. Aniskha will help you work through your feelings and open your mind to the real possibility of improved emotional and mental health. You too can be transformed into a beautiful butterfly. Learn…
  • How absent fathers affect a girl’s life
  • The power of abuse from childhood to adulthood
  • How God intervenes in your darkest days
  • The counseling process step by step
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