A Woman’s Guide to Setting Boundaries

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Many of the problems that women face today are because they fail to set boundaries in their lives. A Woman’s Guide to Setting Boundaries suggests that women can solve many of their problems by just saying “No!” There are several important areas in our lives in which we must set some boundaries–these areas are the center of our lives. A Woman’s Guide to Setting Boundaries will teach you how to say…

  • “No!” to sex before marriage
  • “No!” to spending money you don’t have
  • “No!” to foods that are not good for us
  • “No!” to taking care of grown men who should be working
  • “No!” to living a life that does not have boundaries

Because she could not afford a use one, Dr. Tyler lived without a car for seven years–Her forms of transportation were the city bus and her bicycle. Dr. Tyler does not have a lot of material possessions. Preferring to say “No!” to living beyond her means, Dr. Tyler remains happy with what she has.

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