How to Reconstruct a Nation (Hardcover)

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Righteous Principles for National Leadership and Governance

As citizens of this great nation, the Bahamas, we have many questions to answer, not only about economic growth and sustenance but about the moral and social dilemma in which we find ourselves. Our country is in a crisis, entangled in a morass of immense crime, violence, and moral and spiritual decadence.

How much longer can we survive on this path? How should nations spiraling out of control be governed? What is our role as citizens in reconstructing our nation?

How to Reconstruct a Nation takes an in-depth look at the political dynamics in the Bahamas. Included are reform ideas in the context of democracy, thoughts, experiences, and divine revelations. This combination provides thought-provoking and inspiring information on how to promote institutional integrity and the establishment of moral authority for national leadership.

All in our beloved country must face the reality before us. No longer can we be engrossed in partisan politics and blindly follow the ill-focused and ineffective agendas of political leaders. “Government is for the people, and by the people.” Therefore, we the people must make the call for constitutional reform, integrity, and righteous leadership to take our country forward.

  • How should the people respond to institutions of leadership?
  • What is the role of the church in influencing the governing process and public policy in our society?
  • Is there a case for higher ethics and morality in politics?
  • Legitimacy and moral authority
  • The components of accountable governance
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