Close Encounters


Close Encounters 9780971624023

A Spiritual Uplifting

An inspiring personal testimony about the author´s spiritual encounters with Jesus. He vividly describes the miraculous conversion which has taken place in his life. He is filled with God´s Holy Spirit, visions, miracles healings, an abundance of blessings and deliverance.

Close Encountersexuberantly describes the joy of a being a Christian. The author´s many life-changing experiences have been astounding. God has been faithful to prove His love, grace, tender mercy and power. This book seeks to encourage others to find the peace and joy that only can come through having an encounter with Jesus Christ. This book seeks to build our hope and faith and remind us that Jesus Christ is alive.

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Author:Telford Mullings
Page Count:96
Trim Size:5.5 x 8.5