A New Twist on Old Traditions

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When was the last time your senses were sparked?

Enjoy this masterful collection of original poems written in eight distinct styles. This lively poetry will awake the beauty of your mind and help you find purpose. Some poems are humorous, intense, and expressive. Others are bold, politically incorrect, and brimming with candor, while many inspire chanting and singing, dancing and swinging, praise and worship. Limerick, Sonnet, Haiku, Pastoral, Odes, Narratives, Acrostics, are all written to create that essential dialogue within.

These poems will stimulate quick smiles, light chatter, and a little laughter here and there. But they will also provoke deep thought, honest reflection and trigger those must-have conversations. Who are you, really? What is your purpose? Do you have a worldview? How is your relationship with God, self, and others? You will experience many moments of truth to ignore or embrace. Discover -- in spite of different times and circumstances, we are really not that different. We all have ups and downs, twists and turns, regrets, grief, happy moments, and of course -- a bit of nostalgia.

Take this amazingly delightful journey with reality penned in poetry. It’s a creative, unique way to build your faith, find yourself, and understand your God-given purpose.

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