Brain Storm

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The Power of Faith, Hope, and Love

The deeply personal and inspirational account of the survivor of a brain tumor – a tumor the size of an orange. Be encouraged as Edith shares how faith and family helped her through the diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Be prepared to laugh and cry as Edith's shares her remarkable journey. Doctors and nurses were transformed through Edith’s supernatural experiences; you will be too! BrainStorm will teach you…

  • How faith grounds you when trauma comes to derail your dreams
  • How being rooted and grounded in faith will carry you through the crisis
  • How family is a critical part of rehabilitation
  • How having a positive attitude works in your favor
  • How your testimony can help you and others to overcome

"Just by reading a few pages of the book, my wife and I were both crying. It showed the power of Almighty God working to cancel the problems that we are facing. The cross is the evidence of His love." -Rev. Roosevelt “Rosey” and Cydnee Grier

"This is a highly inspirational reflection by an amazingly strong survivor. It demonstrates the essential roles that hope, faith in God and the love of family play in overcoming even the most devastating circumstances. Edith’s tremendous warmth and humor shine through every page." -Bill Milliken, Founder of Communities In Schools, Inc., Author of “The Last Dropout” and “From the Rearview Mirror”

"Edith Jones is a highly motivating force. She has a marvelous ability to reach down and lift up. She possesses the ability to soothe the soul of many who can’t speak for themselves. Her passionate love for family and community is infectious. Her spirit of encouragement has touched so many people. I strongly recommend and encourage each person to read this book who desires to grow and overcome difficulties." -The Honorable Joanne C. Benson, Maryland State Senate, 24th Legislative District

"Edith Jones literally changed the landscape of faith-based networking. She is a transformational leader, always on the cusp of what needs to happen in the times. Through this book, be inspired by a life that has been unequivocally favored by God." Rev. Michael C. Worsley, World Vision

“In this book, Edith helps guide the reader through her journey from devastation to restoration. Every page is filled with a message of hope and tenacity that speaks volumes, to anyone facing any kind of daunting situation. Starting with the chapter appropriately titled, "Looking Back", and ending with, "Re-Entry to the New Normal". The reader is taken step-by-step; over the joys, laughter and tears of the author. You gain a complete understanding of all it took to make a woman of substance and endurance such as Edith Jones. Uplifting and vibrant, Edith's walk of faith is bound to inspire thousands of others to choose the same path of endurance and perseverance, that she chose.” -Peggy Miller

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