A Solid Foundation


A Solid Foundation 9781562293147

Marriage from Three Perspectives

God designed marriage to meet our emotional, spiritual, and physical needs. But it requires knowledge, effort, and skill. A Solid Foundation is an easy-to-read and practical guide to successful married life. The Scotts touch on the everyday challenges married couples face – in the open and in secret. You will discover:

  • How to build a solid marriage – God’s way
  • How to restore order to your marriage, life, and family
  • How to satisfy your spouse
  • How to take intimacy to the mountain top
  • Steps to healing and forgiveness
  • An inspiring 20-day devotional

Using the biblical blueprint of marriage and the realities of their marital relationship, the Scotts provide all the necessary tools you need to build or restore a strong, healthy, blissful marriage – starting with the foundation.

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Author:E. Blake & Melecia E. Scott
Page Count:138
Trim Size:6 x 9 Gift Book