First Ladies Own Your Day!

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From the bedroom to the pew to the pulpit – practical help from a first lady who knows

Are you a first lady suffering from depression, anxiety, and loneliness? Have you lost yourself in the shadows of your husband’s ministry? Are you at your wit’s end struggling to fit in and be accepted? Are you ready to quit?

In this illuminating, inspiring, and straight-talking book, the author reaches out to pastors’ wives to offer hope, encouragement, and help. As a pastor’s kid and first lady herself, she knows, firsthand, the physical, emotional, and spiritual ordeals that come with the title. Having walked the walk, she candidly shares from Scripture and her own experiences how to…

  • Rise from the abyss of despair and own your day
  • Survive constant scrutiny and mischaracterization
  • Find healing in your marital and other relationships
  • Rediscover yourself: dreams, ministry, and purpose
  • Partner with your husband for successful ministry
  • Keep love, sex, and intimacy alive in your marriage
  • Deal with congregational and other conflicts
  • Take care of you

You are more than the pastor’s wife and his children’s mother – more than designer suits, hats, red-bottom shoes, expensive handbags with matching gloves, and iced out rings. You are a special lady who deserves to be as happy, confident, and at peace on the inside as you look on the outside. It’s time to own your day.

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