Faith Is Life

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What is faith? How do we exercise faith? What are some biblical examples of faith? These topics are explored in this easy to understand exposition.

God exercised great faith when He created the world. He called the world into existence through faith-filled words and commands. God said, “Let there be…” and what He commanded came forth. God called the light, firmaments, waters, dry land and animals into existence through pronouncements of faith.

Through faith, God commanded invisible things to come into existence and they manifested. They became visible and the whole universe was formed. Faith Is Life explains how and why believers can operate in the God-kind of faith. From creation to future uncertainties and from daily challenges to seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Tope leads readers to a firm understanding of faith in a variety of manifestations:

  • What are some types of faith?
  • Why do we need faith?
  • How is faith demonstrated?
  • What are ways we can increase our fait
  • How is faith essential to human relationships?
  • How does God respond to faith?

Be encouraged, inspired and enlightened as you engage in accounts of the practical application of faith. Learn techniques that will strengthen your faith in God and lead you to a fulfilling life in Christ. Faith is Life is a resource no Christian should be without. Faith is life. Live by faith.

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