Grace in Deep Waters (Hardcover)

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When life’s deep waters pull you under and threaten to drown you, reach for grace.

Overflowing with encouragement and inspiration, Grace in Deep Waters will give you hope and strength in your darkest days. It is a lively, insightful account of the beauty and power of God’s grace. Drawing from her personal experiences, the author bears witness to grace’s goodness in her life. She openly speaks about turmoil, fears, disappointments, and times when people lose heart. Grace is a determining factor in one’s restoration and survival.

Are you sinking in the dark ocean of life? Are you baffled by the waves of temptation and strife? Is adversity tossing you to and fro? God is throwing out the lifeline of grace to you. Grasp it!

Read this book and take hold of the calmness, strength, and enduring power you need. Gain essential wisdom and experience how God’s unmerited favor can make a difference, how it will transform your life, build confidence, and take you safely to your God-ordained destination. Discover the inexplicably awesome impact of God’s grace!

You will also learn…

  • How to let grace win
  • How to use life’s broken pieces for your good
  • The power of forgiveness
  • How to deal with debilitating emotions

“Vicki unveils how grace will cover your eyes against what you’re going through and make it easier to manage life.” –Barbara Bryant, author of Favor, Blessing, Increase (FBI)

“This amazing book will walk you deeper in your grace journey by opening your heart to receive God’s grace.” –Clinton & DeAnna Lewis, authors of Faith Family and Franchise

“A relevant and required reading from the heart of a woman who has become an exhibit, expression, and example of God’s grace.” –Bishop Broderick Huggins

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