Mandated to Live Holy

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Living holy in a world that promotes sin and pleasure at all costs is not easy. It is no secret that we struggle to subdue our fleshly desires and passions in the midst of immorality and irreverence. Does God still expect us to live holy anyway? Is it even possible?

Mandated to Live Holy is an inspiring, heart searching and motivational book, which deals with holiness from all angles. It gives you a realistic and in-depth look at practical holiness, our mandate to live holy, what it is and how it can be accomplished. As you read, you will discover the truths, lies, myths and what God really says about living holy. You will also learn:

  • The importance of self-identity for successful holy living
  • The deceit of unholy living
  • How to deal with sex and lust
  • How to win over sin
  • How to protect your body, soul, and spirit against the darkness of this world
  • How holiness affects the core of your existence and the quality of your life
  • How to live holy no matter what

This book is the ideal resource to take you from struggles to victory, from weakness to strength and from timidity to courage. Living holy is a blessing, not a shame. You can do it boldly and without apologies!

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