My Journey to Freedom

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None of us can live up to our full potential until we choose to be free and allow God to lift us out of the spiritual bondage we find ourselves in. Joanne Carter uses her incredible life experiences to teach the healing power of love of self and trust in God.

She didn’t always feel like she was worthy of love. From her youth and into adulthood, Carter loathed herself and as a consequence had little room to really love anyone else, or to allow anyone’s love into her own life. She describes the sometimes painful journey from being a prisoner of doubt, hate, and fear, to living a life of freedom, love, and acceptance.

This book gives you the tools to take control of your own life, to unlock your own chains, and live the happy, healthy life you were created to live. Carter shows that the journey to freedom doesn’t come without struggle and sacrifice and it doesn’t happen alone. The more you reach out and help others the more others will reach out and help you.

If you find yourself at a turning point in your life and in your faith, this book is for you. You will learn what you need to do to grow as a Christian and as a person. Each page is filled with valuable lessons and insights. This is the kind of book that will wake you up and change your life, if you’re willing to listen.

Carter helps everyone overcome the pull of low expectations and shows you how to live up to the full potential God has in store for you.

The sooner your get this book the sooner you can be on the path to healing your broken heart or broken faith. Get your copy today!

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