Sex and the Church

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Are Your Standards God’s Standard?

When it comes to sex today, it’s hard to know that is godly and what is not. If you want the pure, unadulterated truth on the matter, straight from the Word of God, read this book. Full of the scripture-based encouragement you need to walk in victory, Sex and the Church makes you ask if your standards truly line up with the standards from God. Sex and the Church covers topics such as…

  • Fornication and Adultery
  • Pornography, Masturbation, and Oral Sex
  • Homosexuality and Bestiality
  • Incest and Molestation
  • Walking in Deliverance

God’s Word can successfully prepare us to navigate through the challenges we face daily. It’s by faith in His Word and commitment in our hearts that we overcome life’s obstacles. To gain victory over the temptations of sexual sin, prepare for a fight; but, know it’s a fight you can win.

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