Suicide... Don't Do It

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Don’t seek a permanent solution to your temporary challenges. Be inspired to live and love.

Every 40 seconds, someone commits suicide. A pregnant teen succumbs to fear and despair. An unwed mother loses hope. Fathers, sons, brothers, and sisters give up. They find the light at the end of the tunnel illusive, too difficult to obtain. And suicide seems to be the only option.

Are you in that place? Does your future look so bleak you prefer to die? Do you feel trapped and afraid? Is life no longer worth it?

When life seems overwhelming and too difficult to overcome, ending it all seems to be the best way out. Jackie Calloway knows all too well what that feels like. As a pregnant teen, fear drove her to the brink of suicide. Now, she shares her story with deepest honesty and humility in hopes that despite your situation, you will say no to death and yes to life as she did. Read how she defeated those suicidal thoughts, survived abandonment, broken relationships, postpartum depression, and life as it happened.

If you feel there is no way out of your situation, no hope or future, Jackie’s life story will give you hope. Don’t seek a permanent solution to your temporary challenges. Follow this story and be inspired to live and love. Your life can quickly evolve from hopelessness, fear, and desperation to confidence and joy. God always has a better way.

Jackie Calloway is the author Love That Would Not Let Me Go, featured on The 700 Club, about how God miraculously restored her marriage after years of infidelity, separation, and divorce. During her career in television broadcasting, she worked as a community news reporter in Denver. She was also the executive producer and one of the first black female television hosts of the groundbreaking television show Aisha. As Associate Council Director the United Methodist Church she created cultural awareness and spiritual development programs for 244 churches. Jackie and her husband, Ronnie, launched The Repairer of the Breach Ministries repairing marriages and relationships around the world.

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