The Life Journey of Mema

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A Captivating Life Story of God’s Miracles

Life’s trials have a way of quickly erasing past triumphs and miracles from our memories. Doubt, fear, and anxiety soon set in, and sometimes, we turn to other things to fill the void only He can fill.

In this intriguing narrative, the author relates the stories of her life as a lasting testimony of God’s miracles — lest we forget. Passionate about creating a legacy of God’s faithfulness, she reflects on His hand on her life through challenges and triumphs, ups and downs, and tells of her amazing family history. This uplifting story reveals a woman who dared to trust God who walked with her every step of the way — getting married young, parenting, relocating, living in motels, and engaging in new ventures. Glean from her wisdom and learn…

  • How to keep a lasting marriage
  • How to have a wonderful life despite little
  • How to navigate life’s twists and turns

You will be inspired, motivated, and challenged to trust God in every situation and remember His faithfulness more than your failures. We may not always recognize God’s hand in the troubling circumstances we face. It takes looking back to see Him and remind us that He still performs miracles.

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