X-IT Pain Station (eBook)

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One out of four pew sitters have a disorder, dysfunction or addiction. Nearly 3 in 5 American adults take a prescription drug, which is 60% of Americans taking prescription drugs for Pain. God is the God of Recovery. He can take us from pain to purpose!
Through all the chaos and soul-disorders, many can't afford life! Loneliness, sex, love, lust, neglect, abandonment, rejection, trauma, tragedy, trouble, abuse, misuse, betrayal, haters, false intimacy, passion, joy and pain... this thing called life happens to us all!
  • Pain is proof of disorder
  • Everything you do is to escape pain
  • Pain gives birth to your future purpose
  • Pain doesn't create change; it births the desire to make change
  • Ultimate pain creates spiritual, emotional, psychological and sexual dysfunction

In this book, you will learn strategies to understand the impact of addiction, trauma and the supporting recovery. These tools are for professionals, parents, clergy, congregational and community leaders to utilize proactive steps along life’s roads, detours and dead-end streets. You will learn how to overcome as God fixes you for the journey.

Everyone is recovering from something, someone or somebody. Reset, restore, renew and recover you. When the Israelites left Egypt, God promised that their exit would mean great abundance. However, pain will blind you. Even though they were released physically they were bound psychologically and spiritually "going around in circles". A journey which should only have taken a few days took them 40 years to complete.
Dr. Tina and her contributing authors remind you of what God intended, how beautiful life truly is, how living IT is worth the journey. Get ready to position yourself for an open season of greatness, as we X-IT the last stop from pain to purpose.
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