You Only Live Once (eBook)

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31 Days to Make Your Life Count

We live in a fallen world with challenges and unmet expectations. Life doesn’t come with any guarantees. However, one thing you can be certain of is God’s love and promises that never fail. Even in an age of skepticism and fake news, you can draw strength and find hope in His guaranteed promises. By trusting Him, you can truly make your life count and open doors to His abundant blessings and timeless wisdom. You have His word; He is not slack concerning His promises!

Divided into 31 days, You Only Live Once will…

  • Motivate you to embrace almighty God’s conditional promises and receive His abundant blessings
  • Inspire you to take a leap of faith in God and let go of unbelief or anything that would turn you away. You don’t have to keep your ‘fingers crossed.’ With Him, you are never alone
  • Encourage you to stand on the rock-solid foundation of His promises in faith; they won’t give way in your tough times

"Mark has structured this book’s 31-day roadmap of God’s conditional promises around three guideposts: the promise’s meaning, an engaging story of fulfillment, and fruitful application. The stories are inspiring. But more than the information, motivation and practical guidance, what stands out is the appeal and journey to trust in and live out God’s promises.” –Rod Loy, Senior Pastor of First Assembly North Little Rock

“I like that You Only Live Once is very simple, plain and well put together. The topics are really timely and highlight important promises for those of us who want to just be happy and enjoy life – you only live once.” –Dr. Joe R. Williams, Sr., Founder and Pastor of True Love Apostolic Faith Church

“The brevity of each of the promises in You Only Live Once allows you to reflect and meditate on the promises that are relevant to everyday life. They enable you to maximize your time and position yourself to receive His blessings. This book is inspirational, thought-provoking, and praiseworthy!” –Vicki Venable, Unity Baptist Church

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